PA Switchers


Switchers with Public Addressing option

VSRA 216PA...2128PA 16 I/P to 128 I/P Two way AV switchers with Public Addressing

*Connects to PA Amplifiers for high vol./high clarity sound requirement in noisy environments.
* Ideal for schools, factories and large institutions.
* Addressing possible for single station, groups of 4/8/16 and all stations.
* Single solution for Voice addressing and video surveillance.
* High performance speaker enclosures with MIC also available

Quad Multiplexed

Switchers with Quad screen display upto 128 I/Ps

VSR 016Q… VSR0128Q 16 Input to 128 Input Video Only

* Quad (4 cameras in one display) multiplexed display output.
* Faster cycle times for large installations.
* Quad mode to single mode switching from remote.
*Option available for 2 complete quad multiplexed controls or 1 quad and 4 single mode
independent controls.
* B&W and Color options available separately.
* Also available quad & octet output switchers for DVR input extension.

On Screen Display

Switcher with Alpha-numeric On Screen display
Available on all Matrix switcher controllers as option

* All switcher setting and parameters displayed on screen.
* Displays Current Camera number on screen
* Assign names to camera locations, upto 8 characters.
* Online help and Time Display overlay on screen.
* Video Loss detection
* RS 485 PAN TILT ZOOM FOCUS Function receivers for upto 32 Cameras.
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